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Great Yoga Wall

Students love the Yoga Wall!Grapevine Yoga features the Great Yoga Wall, a highly-engineered 
belt & socket system, for safe inversions, precision alignment, and spinal health.

The  Great Yoga Wall is used with forward bends, back bends, standing & balance poses, and inversions such as downward-facing dog & headstand.A safe Sirsasana!


The Great Yoga Wall is fun!


Down-facing Dog feels great!Rope wall supported dog pose
Students love the Yoga Wall.





Instructors certified on the Yoga Wall regularly use wall poses in multi-level classes. 

Note: the Yoga Wall is contraindicated for high blood pressure,
pregnancy, and serious ear or eye diseases such as glaucoma

Next Yoga Wall Series for experienced students:

            June 7, 14, 21, 28 (Tuesdays 7:30 PM)              $60/ 4-wk series

Benefit from weekly lengthening and releasing with an entire yoga class on the
Yoga Wall.  This class limited to 9 students.  Payment holds your space.

The Yoga Wall is also used therapeutically for the lower back, sacroiliac (SI) joint, knees and shoulders.  Contact Cathy to schedule a private Wall Therapy session.

                               Shoulder-opening is amazing!

Students love the Yoga Wall!
We love Grapevine Yoga's Great Yoga Wall!       

Grapevine Yoga also offers Yoga Wall Master Classes:

Yoga Wall 101: Intro--A Complete Yoga Practice on the Wall

     This 2-hr Master Class begins with an introduction to safe use of the equipment,
      including ahimsa guidelines, and includes one or more standing poses, back
      bend, forward bends, twists and an inversion. Also introduces First Ropes. 
      You'll be amazed at how good you feel with an entire practice on the wall! 

Experience a safe Headstand on the Yoga Wall--no pressure on the neck!
Yoga Wall 201: Shoulders and Sirsana

       Relieve tight shoulders by rotating through a variety of
       positions at the wall; warm front and back of body with
       First Ropes.  Then explore a safe sirsana that brings all
       the benefits of headstand without any danger of spinal
       compression.  Yoga Wall 101 is a prerequisite.


Yoga Wall 301: Standing Strong -- Hamstrings, Warrior and Triangle

      After a First Ropes warm-up, move into standing poses with support of the  
      wall. Hamstrings are a focal point for many of the poses in this Master Class.
      End with a Spinal Rejuvenation series.       Yoga Wall 101 is a prerequisite. 

See Schedule page for upcoming classes and workshops.


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